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Analyze barcoded information without writing software


On smart forms the fields of the form are encoded in large PDF417 barcodes. In other healthcare and supply channel applications, there can be several barcodes on an image carrying various information elements.

How to easily get at this information?
How to interface the data to other programs?




iRondo’s "Barcode Reporting" profile is a code free solution that creates a detailed dump, in CSV format, of all the barcodes found on each page of every file in the directory, allowing you to tie the image file name to all the data. For each barcode it provides the type, size, contents, location and orientation. The original images are left untouched.



Analyze image sets easily and rapidly
Simple integration with database applications
Smart Forms can easily become accessible to your other computer programs without extensive software
Use the barcode location parameters to split the documents into private and accessible portions
Rapidly audit image files and create a master index

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