Business Solutions Introduction
  Fax Solutions
  page cleanup
  grouping by barcode
  Scanning Solutions
  page cleanup
  barcode renaming
  grouping by barcode
  barcode reporting
  application integration
  custom profiles

iRondo makes it is easy to include images, from faxes or scanners, in the daily workflow of the organization

Fax Image Handling
Fax Page Cleanup
Improve the readability of fax pages and use them directly in your business process. Learn More
Grouping by Barcode
Collate fax pages into groups separated by cover pages as soon as they are faxed in to the business. Learn More
Scanning Solutions
Page Cleanup
Correct scanning and mishandling problems, to make pages more readable and usable. Learn More
Barcode renaming
Track individual receipts or documents page by page. Learn More
Grouping by barcode
Organize scanned images into multipage files based on their cover page barcode value. Learn More
Barcode reports
Read thousands of pages and create CSV report files to update databases or to import to other applications. Learn More
Linux/Unix Integration

Connect the images produced by your Windows scan stations to Linux or Solaris repositories and app servers. Learn More

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