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Clean up incoming fax pages for use in business process


Pages faxed in are often distorted, rotated and are not satisfactory for archiving or presentation purposes because they are:

Skewed – crooked, not straight
Noisy – show specks of dirt or black spots on the image
Odd resolutions – some pages are standard resolution (98x204) others are fine resolution (196x204)
Upside Down - Some pages are faxed upside down





The “Repair Image” profile of iRondo can automatically identify and fix the following conditions::

Skewed – Deskew the page
Noisy – remove the speckle noise
Odd resolutions – Standard resolution image can be converted to Fine resolution, with line smoothing
Upside Down - Rotate the page 180
Remove the fax header if desired


Make fax pages usable directly in the business process for viewing by operators and professionals
Save time – don’t have to flip the pages on upside down faxes
Create best “archive” quality images
Standardize resolution for subsequent editing

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