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iRondo simplifies integration of scanned images into image repositories and application servers


Business transaction applications that rely on received documents in order to cycle to the next step in the process, require a mechanism to track incoming transaction documents. Examples inlcude invoicing activities, document recording, privacy notices, acknowledgements of any kind.

All scanners, large and small, operate with an MS Windows based control computer, and output their raw image files to a Windows based file system. Barcodes on the images represent records that update the status of Unix/Linux based applications, however, these systems cannot directly read barcodes from the images.

Solution One:

The "Barcode Based Grouping" profile of the iRondo can monitor the scanner output queue of one or more scanners, and can

Identify the barcode on cover pages, or each page
Organize the group by the barcode value
Create multi page TIFF or PDF files containing the images
Name the file with the barcode value
Append additional pages to the group file if they are scanned later

Unix/Linux applications can now access the grouped files. Their file name represents the transaction ID (barcode value), enabling the application to update its indices and database records.

Solution Two:

The "Barcode Reporting" profile of the iRondo provides a complete log of every barcode on every image page in a CSV file format, that can easily be uploaded into the workflow application to let it make its own decisions with respect to the image file disposition.

Integrate imaging results with enterprise application systems without developing complex integration software
Simple, scalable solution to the integration problem

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