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Ask and it shall be done!

From time to time customers encounter situations that require special treatment, such as:
Unusual program logic or conditions are required
Images present special challenges
Output requirements are different then the standard

iRondo functionality can be extended with customer specific profiles that incorporate solutions to special needs. A few examples include:
Grouping with multiple barcodes, or special sequences
Special cleanup algorithms and sequences of operations
Providing XML rather than CSV outputs
Handling especially damaged barcodes
Reduce labor costs by letting iRondo do the tedious work
Improve the integration of imaging with the business process
Meet special regulatory requirements

How to obtain:

To request a proposal for a custom profile, please prepare

• 5-10 sample images
• a description of the problem and the desired result

Submit the request to support@irondo.com.

The team will respond with a quotation for the fees and schedule involved in generating the profile.

You may expect fees to be in the range of $500-$2,000 and the schedule to be 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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