What is iRondo  
  what is iRondo
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What is it?

iRondo Imaging Station is a new kind of image processing application that configures itself around the user and their intended tasks. iRondo is the first production imaging application that offers tremendous power, production level reliability and batch management. At the same time it is exceptionally easy and intuitive to use. It combines the power of a racing car with the ease of use and the safety of a family sedan.

How is iRondo better?
User <> Task Organization:

Traditional applications focus on their features. They offer lots of buttons and controls to all users. The features may be confusing, or worse, misleading and dangerous. Some applications hide the “advanced” features behind additional menu levels or multi level dialog boxes and options, trading complexity for clutter.

The features are static and do not adjust themselves to the changing needs of the user. Even when the buttons and controls do not apply to the task at hand, the user can see them on the interface, and can be confused by them, and may modify them, thinking that they have some effect. Worse, when they are hidden by layers of menus, they may later affect the results without warning. Hidden or not, the controls do not pertain to the task at hand, and create bugs in other task – why show them in the first place? See the difference.

By harnessing the power of the ClearImage engines, iRondo delivers processing results that users are looking for. They have to spend less time in rework and rescanning.

iRondo fulfills the most common needs of post scanning operations

A fresh approach.

In designing iRondo, Inlite applied a fresh approach to the design of the user interface. Simply stated, what the user sees includes only the controls that pertain to that task. We call this a profile. The settings for the profile are saved, so that when it is selected again, the settings return. Controls for other tasks are not displayed and are not modified. This approach yields benefits in simplicity and productivity:
Once technicians set up the profile, operators have the flexibility to modify limited aspects and cannot harm the configuration
Easier training of operators because they can focus on the task

Less task debugging because there are no hidden controls

Extending the capabilities
Customers that require processing logic that is not part of the standard profiles may receive custom profiles that extend the capabilities of the product to deal with their specific requirements

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