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Make your operation more effective
Running an imaging bureau should be easier. Do you encounter these problems in your business:
You have to process microfilm scans, paper scans, fax images
Pages are upside down
You spend a lot of time preparing batches and loading the scanner
You have to manually inspect each image after processing
Operators confuse operations and have to rework images

iRondo provides the reliable tools to clean up and organize images for delivery to your customers, without programming a single line of code. Furthermore iRondo can automate many tasks in a way that requires minimum operator intervention, reducing errors and labor costs for your projects.
Image Grouping Solutions
Batch Images by Barcode

Automate batch creation with barcoded cover pages to name multipage TIFF or PDF files. Learn More

Split Multipage Image Files
Automatically separate all multipage TIFF or PDF files in a directory and create single page TIFF or PDF files. Learn More
Merge Image Files
Combine all the images from a directory and automatically create a single PDF or TIFF multipage file for submissions. Learn More
Image RepairSolutions
Prep Scanned Images
Standardize the appearance and improve the quality of scanned images with automated cleanup operations. Learn More
Custom Operations
iRondo Custom Profiles
Tackle unique project requirements with profiles designed just for you. Learn More

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