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Save time and labor - batch images automatically by barcode

Creating batch image files requires too much time investment to prep the files, then scan them then put them back. Traditional post scan applications are cumbersome and expensive

They are attached to the scanner controller

• You have to buy more licenses for each scanner
• You have to configure more stations
• High speed scanners are slowed down by the software
• The images that reside separately on a file storage systems require a different solution
The complexity of the system leads to more operator confusion and mistakes
Technical staff takes longer to set up the configuration
Less powerful recognition engines do not pick up all the required barcodes

iRondo offers three profiles for organizing scanner output files for subsequent indexing, workflow or delivery to customers.
The “Group Images by Barcode” profile of iRondo Imaging Station can automatically organize the images by their cover page barcode, for loading into content management systems, additional processing or for archiving
The profile “Split images into single page files” creates a directory full of single page files that can be separately indexed.
The profile “Merge Images” creates a single multipage file from the mix of single and multi page files in the input directory. This file can be packaged as a PDF for delivery to customers
Rotate the page 180
Remove the fax header if desired
Bulk scanning allows each of the scanners to run at full speed
Blank pages are automatically removed
Pages in the wrong orientation are automatically corrected
Create Adobe Acrobat PDFs in one step from the inputs
Processing can be centralized for easier management, faster processing and lower cost.
Scan everything in one batch, there is no need to separate them manually

Recognize all the barcodes

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