Service Solutions Image Repair and Preparation
  image preparation
  batch images by barcode
  merge image files
  split image files
  custom profiles
Generate clean images for delivery to customers

Post scan imaging applications are too cumbersome , with hidden menus, too many controls and settings. They also do not process all the images, so you have to go back, change the settings and run the job again. What a pain!
Because they are attached to the scanners, they slow down the process
Operators can easily make mistakes
Technicians are required for dealing with complex images

Exceptionally easy to use, iRondo’s Image Repair profile reduces mistakes and achieves production quality results
Command line as well as GUI operation allows for quick and simple batch management
Sophisticated algorithms process images once to achieve desired results
All settings are clearly visible and easily modified
Process technicians can control the level of modifications permitted to operators
Clean borders, despeckle and repair microfilm scans as easily as paper scans
Bulk scanning allows each of the scanners to run at full speed
Deliver clean, consistent, archive level images to your customer
iRondo achieves maximum available performance because it runs separately from the scan process
Reduce labor hours and training for image inspection

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