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Processing Flow in the iRondo Imaging Station

Input Files
Default - All files reside in one input directory
Tree - The full subdirectory tree is traversed
• TIFF and/or PDF files
• BW compressed as G3, G4 or uncompressed bitmap
• Color or Grayscale compressed as LZW, JPG or bitmap
• Single page or multipage files, with optional blank page skipping

Output Files
• User selectable at runtime TIFF or PDF files
BW images saved as G4
• Color Images saved as JPG (user selectable quality level) or as LZW
Default - All files reside in a single output directory, or
Tree - subdirectory tree is reproduced under the output directory, or
Per session Subdirectory - under root output directory, or under each
subdirectory branch of the tree

Post Processing – Images that are processed by iRondo can be
• Left in the input directory (for testing purposes)
• Deleted
• Moved to a separate processed image directory

Execution Control
normal and batch operations can be scheduled
• Continuous - monitoring of one input directory or one run per job
• On Demand - Start, Pause, Restart and Halt at any time
• Command Line Scheduling via Windows Application Scheduler

A status screen displays the ongoing progress of each file and the whole job, and allows for Pausing or Halting the operation.
The status screen can be minimized to the system tray with -s option

Optional Page Logs are reported in CSV file format for viewing in Excel and for uploading to other applications. The log records the disposition of every image.

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