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iRondo Licensing and Activation
License Dongle Installation
Command Line Operation

iRondo Licensing and Activation

License Options. ClearImage Runtime Licenses may be stored on a License Dongle or on the computer. Learn More about the two different options.
What happens when the Free Evaluation period ends? Life goes on. You must purchase a license to use the software or contact us to request an extension.
Runtime License Installation. Learn More about installing the runtime licenses
License Recovery. Learn More about how to recover the license after a crash or to synchronize with the license database
License Transfer. Licenses can be transfered from computer to computer. Learn More

License Dongle Installation

Dongle Installation. Prior to using the Licenses Dongles, the supporting drivers must be installed on the computer, which will hold tthe dongles. Learn More about the driver installation.
Dongle Drivers. Get the latest driver installation kit here.

Command Line Operation

iRondo can be invoked directly from the command line in a batch file, or as from another program. Details are described in the on line help documentation.

Command line operation profile provides parameters for

Profile Selection. Select the specific profile to use in a run.
Parameter Access . Any or all parameters of the profile may be preset in the command line, or in a configuration file, thus locking out the operator. Typically such controls are imposed in order to repeat the same operation for different batches. Those parameters that are left unspecified can then be set at runtime.
Configuration File. All the command line details may be embedded in a configuration (.ini) file.






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