Creating Barcodes for printed Business Forms

All business processes use forms.  Most forms already exist and adding barcodes to them can be difficult.  With VBD you will be able to:


Design Steps

  1. Begin by scanning the form and obtaining the image (see example below)

pencil.gifTIP:  If the form is skewed, or otherwise not right, use the ClearImage SDK to repair the scanned image.

  1. Click image35.gif to open the image file and place it on the Image Panel

  2. Define the configuration of the barcode

  3. Enter the sample data in the Data Panel

  4. In the Image Panel, click on the region select tool image27.gif

  5. Draw the rectangular area on the image, where the barcode should fit.   

 pencil.gifTip:  The Barcode Size on the Configuration Panel will be updated with the area dimensions

  1. VBD will automatically place the barcode symbol in the top left corner of the area, or

  2. Drag the active barcode to the desired location

  3. If the barcode is not present, check the Results panel for error messages.   Normally the active barcode is always displayed.



This example shows a PDF417 in the footer of the form..


Next Steps

You can now:


When you save or print the image, the barcode is automatically merged onto the image.

The resolution of the saved image is always set to 200 dpi and the barcode image is scaled to fit the image correctly by its overall size, not by its dpi

Do not use this image for production work - since the dpi is not scaled to the print resolution specified in the Printing subpanel.