Errors issued by BFD Engines

At runtime, your application passes the data as a parameter string.   BFD Engine errors should be handled by try/catch in .NET applications.

Error text is a value of Exception.Message property in .NET  and of Err.Description property  in VB6




Insufficient Symbol Capacity

Your application passed too many data bytes and/or the data content that  cannot be encoded into your selected barcode symbol (symbology, size, area).   


You can go back to VBD and confirm the design:

  1. Make sure that the mix of data in the Data Panel, and the number of characters match you runtime requirements.  

  2. Use Barcode Size defined by Area only,  and set that area to be as large as you can support.  VBD will calculate the largest possible barcode for that area and will show the "Estimated max characters" in the Results Panel.   Stay within that limit.

Barcode Generator is not configured

The BFD Engine must be configured before it can generate any barcodes.


Call  Barcode.Configure method with a valid configuration string before barcode generation.

Use of unlicensed function

Your evaluation period expired, therefore, your BFD Engine is not licensed for use.


Purchase and register the VBD or BFD Engines license

No license for Web Server

The BFD Engine for web servers requires a higher level license than the workstation license.


Purchase and register the  BFD Web Server Add-on license

Un-encodable Data for specified Symbology

Your application passed a data string containing binary data (above 0x127) that cannot be encoded in the 1D symbology that your configuration string specifies.


You can

  1. Examine the data string and remove the offending characters, or

  2. Change to a 2D symbology


pencil.gifNOTE:  If you encounter any other error messages, contact  Inlite Support