Uses of Class

Uses of FBarcodeErrors in ClearImageJNI

Fields in ClearImageJNI declared as FBarcodeErrors
static FBarcodeErrors FBarcodeErrors.cibBadChecksum
          Checksum (or ECC) failed
static FBarcodeErrors FBarcodeErrors.cibBadData
          At least one Data character is incorrect
static FBarcodeErrors FBarcodeErrors.cibBadStartChar
          Incorrect Start character
static FBarcodeErrors FBarcodeErrors.cibBadStopChar
          Incorrect Stop character
static FBarcodeErrors FBarcodeErrors.cibDecoding
          Barcode decoding problem

Methods in ClearImageJNI that return FBarcodeErrors
static FBarcodeErrors FBarcodeErrors.fromInt(int __n)
          Returns an enumerated value corresponding to a given integer.
 FBarcodeErrors ICiBarcode.getErrorFlags()
          Barcode error flags.

Methods in ClearImageJNI with parameters of type FBarcodeErrors
 void ICiBarcode.setErrorFlags(FBarcodeErrors arg)
          Barcode error flags.

Constructors in ClearImageJNI with parameters of type FBarcodeErrors
FBarcodeErrors(FBarcodeErrors... objects)
          Constructor creates bit-masked enumerated value from one or more predefined values