Package ClearImageJNI

Class Summary
CiServer ClearImage COM root object
EBarcodeAlgorithm Barcode recognition algorithm
EBarcodeEncoding Encoding or compression of barcode data
EBarcodeRotation Barcode rotation
EBarcodeType Recognized barcode type (symbology)
EBoolean Boolean value
EBorderExtractAlgorithm Border Extraction algorithm
EBorderExtractFlags Border Extraction flags
ECleanNoiseFlags CleanNoiseExt flags
EComprBitonal EComprBitonal enumerated type
EComprColor EComprColor enumerated type
EFileFormat Image file format
EImageAlignment Alignment of image on a page
EInfoType Server information type
ELineCurvature Limit on line curvature
ELineDirection Line direction
EMorphDirections Direction to fatten or trim image
EPageOrientation Page orientation
EPageRotation Page rotation
EPageSize Page size
EPdfRasterColorMode Rasterization color selection
EPdfReadMode Pdf page reading mode selection
EScaleBmpType Type of image-to-bitmap scale down
EScaleType Type of image to image scale down
ESizeUnit Alignment of image on a page
ESmoothType Type of smoothing
FBarcodeDiag Barcode recognition control flags
FBarcodeDirections Barcode search direction
FBarcodeErrors Recognized barcode errors
FBarcodeType Barcode type (symbology) to find
ICiAdvColor ICiAdvColor Interface.
ICiBarcode ICiBarcode Interface.
ICiBarcodeBasic ICiBarcodeBasic Interface.
ICiBarcodePro ICiBarcodePro Interface.
ICiBarcodes ICiBarcodes Interface.
ICiDataMatrix ICiDataMatrix Interface.
ICiImage ICiImage Interface.
ICiLine ICiLine Interface.
ICiObject ICiObject Interface.
ICiPdf ICiPdf Interface.
ICiPdf417 ICiPdf417 Interface.
ICiPoint ICiPoint Interface.
ICiQR ICiQR Interface.
ICiRect ICiRect Interface.
ICiRepair ICiRepair Interface.
ICiServer ICiServer Interface.
ICiTools ICiTools Interface.

Exception Summary