Uses of Class

Uses of EScaleType in ClearImageJNI

Fields in ClearImageJNI declared as EScaleType
static EScaleType EScaleType.ciScaleMergeLineGaps
          Merge gaps, making image lighter
static EScaleType EScaleType.ciScaleMergeLinePixels
          Merge pixels, making image darker
static EScaleType EScaleType.ciScaleSkipLines
          Skip extra lines
static EScaleType EScaleType.ciScaleThreshold
          Apply threshold to merged lines

Methods in ClearImageJNI that return EScaleType
static EScaleType EScaleType.fromInt(int __n)
          Returns an enumerated value corresponding to a given integer.
 EScaleType ICiTools.getPScaleType()
          Type of image to image scale down.

Methods in ClearImageJNI with parameters of type EScaleType
 void ICiTools.setPScaleType(EScaleType arg)
          Type of image to image scale down.