Uses of Class

Uses of EMorphDirections in ClearImageJNI

Fields in ClearImageJNI declared as EMorphDirections
static EMorphDirections EMorphDirections.ciMorphAllNeighbours
          Modify all neighboring pixels
static EMorphDirections EMorphDirections.ciMorphDiag
          Modify pixels located diagonally
static EMorphDirections EMorphDirections.ciMorphHorz
          Modify pixels located to the left and right
static EMorphDirections EMorphDirections.ciMorphHorzAndVert
          Modify pixels located left, right, up or down
static EMorphDirections EMorphDirections.ciMorphVert
          Modify pixels located up and down

Methods in ClearImageJNI that return EMorphDirections
static EMorphDirections EMorphDirections.fromInt(int __n)
          Returns an enumerated value corresponding to a given integer.

Methods in ClearImageJNI with parameters of type EMorphDirections
 void ICiTools.Fatten(int Pixels, EMorphDirections Direction)
          Fatten image.
 void ICiTools.Trim(int Pixels, EMorphDirections Direction)
          Trim image.