Uses of Class

Uses of ELineDirection in ClearImageJNI

Fields in ClearImageJNI declared as ELineDirection
static ELineDirection ELineDirection.ciLineHorz
          Horizontal lines
static ELineDirection ELineDirection.ciLineUnknown
static ELineDirection ELineDirection.ciLineVert
          Vertical lines
static ELineDirection ELineDirection.ciLineVertAndHorz
          Both vertical and horizontal lines

Methods in ClearImageJNI that return ELineDirection
static ELineDirection ELineDirection.fromInt(int __n)
          Returns an enumerated value corresponding to a given integer.
 ELineDirection ICiLine.getDirection()
          Line direction.
 ELineDirection ICiTools.getPLineDirection()
          Line direction(s).

Methods in ClearImageJNI with parameters of type ELineDirection
 void ICiRepair.DeleteLines(ELineDirection Direction, EBoolean bRepair)
          Delete lines and reconnect intersected objects.
 void ICiRepair.ReconstructLines(ELineDirection Direction)
          Find and straighten image lines.
 void ICiTools.setPLineDirection(ELineDirection arg)
          Line direction(s).