Uses of Class

Uses of EComprBitonal in ClearImageJNI

Fields in ClearImageJNI declared as EComprBitonal
static EComprBitonal EComprBitonal.citbAUTO
          enumerated constant citbAUTO
static EComprBitonal EComprBitonal.citbCCITTFAX3
          enumerated constant citbCCITTFAX3
static EComprBitonal EComprBitonal.citbCCITTFAX4
          enumerated constant citbCCITTFAX4
static EComprBitonal EComprBitonal.citbNONE
          enumerated constant citbNONE
static EComprBitonal EComprBitonal.citbORIGINAL
          enumerated constant citbORIGINAL

Methods in ClearImageJNI that return EComprBitonal
static EComprBitonal EComprBitonal.fromInt(int __n)
          Returns an enumerated value corresponding to a given integer.
 EComprBitonal ICiImage.getPComprBitonal()
          TIFF/PDF Compression to save Bitonal image.

Methods in ClearImageJNI with parameters of type EComprBitonal
 void ICiImage.setPComprBitonal(EComprBitonal arg)
          TIFF/PDF Compression to save Bitonal image.