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MeasureRotation Method
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CiTools Object : MeasureRotation Method


Measure image rotation


Visual Basic
Public Function MeasureRotation() As EPageRotation

Return Type

If image contains enough of textual elements  ciRotNone, ciRotUpsideDown, ciRotLeft, and ciRotRight values are set.   If image contains mostly graphical objects, like lines, return values are ciRotPortrait and ciRotLeftOrRight.


Level of confidence in percent is set in rConfidence.


Measure Skew and Rotation
VB Sample (Visual Basic)Copy Code
Public Sub T_MeasureSkewAndRotation(ByRef Tools As CiTools)
  Dim nSkew, eRot
  nSkew = Tools.MeasureSkew
  Debug.Print "Skew=" & nSkew & "   Confidence=" & Tools.rConfidence & "%"
  eRot = Tools.MeasureRotation
  Debug.Print "Rotation=" & _
     Switch(eRot = ciRotUnknown, "Unknown", _
              eRot = ciRotNone, "None", _
              eRot = ciRotLeft, "TurnedLeft", _
              eRot = ciRotRight, "TurnedRight", _
              eRot = ciRotUpsideDown, "UpsideDown", _
              eRot = ciRotLeftOrRight, "TurnedLeftOrRight", _
              eRot = ciRotPortrait, "Portrait") & _
      "   Confidence=" & Tools.rConfidence & "%"
End Sub

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