ClearImage COM Server
CiTools Object Members
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Public Methods

Public Method AndImageLogical AND with another image
Public Method CountPixelsCount image pixels
Public Method ExtractObjectExtract an object into new image
Public Method FattenFatten image
Public Method FirstLineFind first line
Public Method FirstObjectFind first object
Public Method MeasureHorzHistogramMeasure horizontal histogram
Public Method MeasureMarginsMeasure image margins
Public Method MeasureRotationMeasure image rotation
Public Method MeasureSkewMeasure image skew
Public Method MeasureVertHistogramMeasure vertical histogram
Public Method NextLineFind another line
Public Method NextObjectFind another object
Public Method OrImageLogical AND with another imageLogical OR with another image
Public Method PasteImageLogical AND with another imagePaste another image
Public Method ScaleImageScale image
Public Method SkewSkew image
Public Method TrimTrim image
Public Method XorImageLogical AND with another imageLogical XOR with another image

Public Properties

Public Property ImageImage as CiImage object
Public Property pLineCurvatureMaximum line curvature
Public Property pLineDirectionLine direction(s)
Public Property pMaxLineAngleMaximum angle of line
Public Property pMaxLineGapMaximum gap inside line in pixels
Public Property pMinLineLengthMinimum length of line in pixels
Public Property pScaleBmpBrightnessValid range 0 to 255Brightness of image scaled down to Windows Bitmap. Range 0-255
Public Property pScaleBmpContrastValid range 0 to 255Contrast of image scaled down to Windows Bitmap. Range 0-255
Public Property pScaleBmpTypeType of image-to-bitmap scale down
Public Property pScaleThresholdThreshold for ciScaleThreshold-type scaling. Range 0-100
Public Property pScaleTypeType of image to image scale down
Public Property rConfidenceImage rotation and skew confidence

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