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AutoRotate Method
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CiRepair Object : AutoRotate Method


Automatically rotate image


Visual Basic
Public Function AutoRotate() As EPageRotation

Return Type

If image contains sufficient textual elements, then ciRotNone, ciRotUpsideDown, ciRotLeft, and ciRotRight values are set.   If image contains mostly graphical objects, such as lines, then the return values are ciRotPortrait and ciRotLeftOrRight.


It is recommended to AutoDeskew prior to AutoRotate.

If image contains enough of textual elements AutoRotate sets image in the position with text lines running horizontally and readable from left to right .  If image contains mostly graphical objects, like lines, AutoRotate sets image in the position with the most lines running horizontally.

The Parent of zone object is autorotated based on image data inside the zone.


VB Example (Visual Basic)Copy Code
Public Sub T_AutoRotate(ByRef Rep As CiRepair)
End Sub

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