ClearImage COM Server
CiRepair Object Members
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Public Methods

Public Method AdvancedBinarizeAdvanced Binarize
Public Method AutoCropSet image margins
Public Method AutoDeskewAutomatically deskew image
Public Method AutoInvertImageNegative to Positive
Public Method AutoRegisterSet top and left margins
Public Method AutoRotateAutomatically rotate image
Public Method BorderExtractExtract document image using borders
Public Method CleanNoiseRemove noise objects
Public Method CleanNoiseExtRemove noise objects (extended)
Public Method ClearBackgroundSet background to white
Public Method DeleteLinesDelete lines and reconnect intersected objects
Public Method FaxRemoveBlankLinesRemove blank lines from faxed image
Public Method FaxRemoveHeaderRemove header from faxed image
Public Method FaxStandardToFineConvert standard resolution fax image to fine resolution
Public Method IsBlankImageIs image blank
Public Method ReconstructLinesFind and straighten image lines
Public Method RemoveHalftoneRemove halftone from image background
Public Method RemovePunchHolesRemove punch holes form image
Public Method ResizeResize image to page
Public Method SmoothCharactersSmoothen character edges

Public Properties

Public Property ImageImage as CiImage objectImage as CiImage object
Public Property pLineCurvatureMaximum line curvature
Public Property pMaxLineAngleMaximum angle of line
Public Property pMaxLineGapMaximum gap inside line in pixels
Public Property pMinLineLengthMinimum length of line in pixels

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