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SaveToMemory Method
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CiImage Object : SaveToMemory Method


Copy image bits to image memory


Visual Basic
Public Function SaveToMemory() As Variant



The structure of image memory is:

  • Lines are stored starting from the top line of the image.
  • Each row should be at least object.LineBytes long
  • Minimum size of image memory should be:
    ImageBytes  =  object.Height  * object.LineBytes
  • If bytes extend beyond image boundary, extra bytes are ignored.

The structure of image memory for a buffer of a Bitonal image is:

  • Each byte represents 8 pixels with the most significant bit corresponding to the leftmost pixel.
  • Zero value of the bit is treated as black pixel.

 The structure of image memory for a buffer of a Grayscale image is:

  • Each byte represents an image pixel
  • Byte value represents pixel intensity with 0x00 for black pixel and 0xFF for white pixel

 The structure of image memory for a buffer of a Color image is:

  • Each image pixel is represented by 3 bytes
  • 3-Byte value represents RGB color of a pixel with 0x000000 for black pixel and 0xFFFFFF for white pixel


VB Example (Visual Basic)Copy Code
Public Function T_SaveToMemory(ByRef Image As CiImage)
  T_SaveToMemory = Image.SaveToMemory
End Function

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