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CiImage Object Members
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Public Methods

Public Method AppendAppend image to file
Public Method ClearSet all pixels to white
Public Method CloseClose image
Public Method CopyCopy image to another image
Public Method CopyToClipboardCopy image to clipboard
Public Method CreateCreate a Bitonal image
Public Method CreateBppCreate an image (bpp = 1, 8, 24)
Public Method CreateZoneCreate new Zone within image
Public Method CreateZoneRectCreate new Zone within image
Public Method CropCrop rectangle
Public Method DuplicateCreate a duplicate of this CiImage object
Public Method FlipRotate image upside down
Public Method FlipHorzRotate image upside downFlip image around horizontal axis
Public Method FlipVertRotate image upside downFlip image around vertical axis
Public Method InvertInvert image pixels
Public Method LoadFromMemoryLoad image bits from image memory
Public Method OpenCreate image from image file
Public Method OpenFromBitmapCreate image from Windows Bitmap
Public Method OpenFromClipboardCreate image from Clipboard
Public Method RotateLeftRotate image upside downRotate image to the left
Public Method RotateRightRotate image upside downRotate image to the right
Public Method SaveSave image into its image file
Public Method SaveAsSave image in new file
Public Method SaveToBitmapCopy image to new Windows Bitmap
Public Method SaveToDIBCopy image to new Windows DIB
Public Method SaveToMemoryCopy image bits to image memory
Public Method ToBitonalmethod ToBitonal
Public Method ToGrayscalemethod ToGrayscale

Public Properties

Public Property BitsPerPixelNumber of bits to store each pixel
Public Property FileNameImage file name
Public Property FormatImage file format
Public Property HeightImage height in pixels
Public Property HorzDpiHorizontal resolution in dots-per-inch
Public Property IsModifiedImage was modified flag
Public Property IsValidImage is opened
Public Property IsZoneObject represents a zone on another image
Public Property JpegQualityQuality of Jpeg Compression 0-100
Public Property LineBytesImage memory line width in bytes
Public Property PageCountNumber of pages in image file
Public Property PageNumberImage page number in image file
Public Property ParentObject containing image memory of this object
Public Property pComprBitonalTIFF/PDF Compression to save Bitonal image
Public Property pComprColorTIFF/PDF Compression to save Color/GS image
Public Property Pdfproperty Pdf
Public Property VertDpiVertical resolution in dots-per-inch
Public Property WidthImage width in pixels
Public Property ZoneCurrent zone coordinates

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