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SaveAs Method
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Default value ciEXT
CiImage Object : SaveAs Method


Save image in new file


Visual Basic
Public Sub SaveAs( _
   ByVal FileName As String, _
   Optional ByVal Format As EFileFormat = ciEXT _


ciBMPBMP format. bpp= 1, 8, 24
ciEXTFormat is based on file name extension
cifICLImage Cash Letter format. bpp=1,8,24
cifPDFPDF Format. bpp=1,8,24
ciGIFGIF format. bpp= 1, 8, 24. Read only
ciICOWindows icon format, 255x255 max. bpp=8, 24
ciJBGJBIG format. bpp=1. Read only
ciJP2JPEG-2000 format. bpp=8, 24
ciJPCJPEG 2000 Code stream. bpp=8
ciJPGJPEG format. bpp=8, 24
ciPCXPCX format. bpp= 1, 8, 24
ciPGXJPEG-2000 verification model. bpp=8
ciPNGPortable Network Graphic format. bpp= 1, 8, 24
ciPNMPortable aNyMap format. bpp=8
ciTGATarga format. bpp=8, 24
ciTIFFUncompressed TIFF format. bpp= 1, 8, 24
ciTIFF_G3_1DTIFF Group3 compression, bpp=1
ciTIFF_G4TIFF Group 4 compression, bpp=1
ciTIFF_JPEGTIFF JPEG compression, bpp=8, 24
ciTIFF_NEOLTIFF No-end-of-line compression, bpp=1
ciWBMPWireless Bitmap format, 255x255 max. bpp=1
Default value ciEXT


This method saves the following image file formats:

  • Bitonal:      TIFF, PCX, BMP
  • Color and Grayscale:  TIFF, BMP, WMF, JPEG, Targa, PCX, and PICT.

If Format=ciEXT, then the format is derived from file extension of the FileName parameter.

See EFileFormat for list of supported formats.  Some formats are "read-only" and are not supported by this method.

Additional formats might be supported.   Review current specification at or contact technical support

Some formats use lossy compression.   Saving images with those compression methods will modify the saved image as compared to the original image.   For JPEG, the amount of JPEG compression is controlled by the JpegQuality parameter.

Not all formats support the range of CiImage. BitsPerPixel values.  Prior to being saved, the image is converted to the nearest supported BPP of that particular format.  For example, a bitonal image is converted to Grayscale prior to saving as a JPEG format.  The saved file image may show severe blocking effects, typical of JPEG.  Similarly a Color or Grayscale image is converted to bitonal prior to being saved as a TIFF format.   



VB Example (Visual Basic)Copy Code
Public Sub T_ImageFile(ByRef Img As CiImage, sFileName)
  Dim ImgZone As CiImage
  Dim sMulti: sMulti = "c:\tMulti.tif"
  Dim sZone: sZone = "c:\tZone.tif"
  Dim sSingle: sSingle = "c:\tSingle.tif"
    ' Open test
  Img.Open sFileName
    T_ImageInfo Img
    ' Save multi-page TIFF
  DeleteFile sMulti
  Set ImgZone = Img.CreateZone(Img.Width / 3, Img.Height / 3, _
                                Img.Width * 2 / 3, Img.Height * 2 / 3)
  Img.Append sMulti
    T_ImageInfo Img
    T_ImageInfo Img
  ImgZone.Append sMulti
    T_ImageInfo Img
  Img.Append sMulti
  Img.Append sMulti
  ImgZone.Append sMulti
    T_ImageInfo Img
    ' Open page
  Img.Open sMulti, 3
    T_ImageInfo Img
    ' Save test.  Save modified page to multi-page TIFF
    T_ImageInfo Img
    ' Save as Zone Test
  ImgZone.SaveAs sZone
    T_ImageInfo Img
    ' Save as Test
  Img.SaveAs sSingle
    T_ImageInfo Img
End Sub

Public Sub T_ImageInfo(ByRef Img As CiImage)
  Debug.Print "Image #" & Img.Handle & "  File='" & Img.FileName & "'" & _
              "   Width=" & Img.Width & "   Height=" & Img.Height
  Debug.Print "  HorzDpi=" & Img.HorzDpi & "dpi   VertDpi=" & Img.VertDpi & "dpi" & _
              "  Page=" & Img.PageNumber & "  Page Count =" & Img.PageCount & _
              "  Format:=" & Img.Format & _
              IIf(Img.IsModified, "  MODIFIED", "")
End Sub
Process Multi-page file (Visual Basic)Copy Code
Public Sub T_MultiPageFile(ByRef Img As CiImage, sFileName As String)
  Dim nPage, nPageCount
  Img.Open sFileName
  nPageCount = Img.PageCount
    ' for each page
  For nPage = 1 To nPageCount
    Img.Open sFileName, nPage
        '  Process  image page
        '  ==== Read barcodes
        '     Set BarcodePro.Image = Img
        '     BarcodePro.Find 0
        '     ' process barcodes
        '  ==== Repair image
        '     Set Repair.Image = Img
        '     Repair.AutoDeskew
        '     Img.Append sFileOut ' save
End Sub

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