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Licensing and Production Deployment
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ClearImage Production Deployment

To activate for ClearImage functionality for production use:

  1. Purchase licenses for ClearImage Products implementing required functionality.   ClearImage products are licensed per computer, so number of licenses should correspond to the number of computers you intend to use.  Contact Inlite Sales if you have questions about product licenses you need.
  2. Within 24 hours after purchase of license you will receive email with License Certificate and download link for ClearImage PDK.
  3. Install the PDK on your production system.  NOTE: ClearImage PDK requires Windows XP or later version of Windows and .NET Framework 2.0 (Download the .NET Framework 2.0 from Microsoft Website )
  4. Register your license:
    1. Start Licensing Manager from Start menu -> Programs -> ClearImage 8 PDK
    2. Click Register button.   Enter or paste License Certificate from email.  Click Register.
    3. If computer is online registration is done immediately.   If computer is offline follow the displayed instructions
  5. Test your application with registered license.   If you get "use of unlicensed function" exceptions, that means your code invokes methods in unlicensed products.   Text of an exception indicates unlicensed method or functionality.  To resolve the issue:
    1. Purchase and register products implementing "unlicensed" functionality.
    2. OR remove calls to "unlicensed" functionality from your code.

License Management

Production licenses are managed through Inlite Licensing Manager.  Launch Licensing Manager from Start -> Programs -> ClearImage 8 PDK or ClerarImage 7 SDK.  Major licensing actions are:

Licensing operation are performed immediately if computer is online. 
For computers behind firewall set proxy in File ->Preferences menu.  
For computer without Internet connection (e.g. secure facilities) registration is done through intermediate request/responce files.  Follow offline registration instructions.


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