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ClearImage COM Server


Class ModuleDescription
CiBarcodeBarcode information object
CiBarcodeBasic1D barcodes recognition object (Basic)
CiBarcodePro1D barcodes recognition object (Pro)
CiBarcodesThis collection of CiBarcode objects.Barcodes Class
CiDataMatrixDataMatrix barcodes recognition object
CiImageImage object
CiLineLine information object
CiObjectAn Object is a portion of the image comprised of adjacent connected pixels.Object information object
CiPdfPdf Read/Write configuration Class
CiPdf417PDF417 barcodes recognition object
CiPointPoint-on-image object
CiQRQR barcodes recognition object
CiRectRectangle on image object

Automatic image correction functions: deskew, rotation, crop, etc.   Improves OCR, image compression, and image visual quality.

Image repair object
CiServerClearImage COM root object

Image analysis function to implement form-processing and specialized imaging applications. 

Image tools object

Public Enumerations

EBarcodeAlgorithmBarcode recognition algorithm
EBarcodeEncodingEncoding or compression of barcode data
EBarcodeRotationBarcode rotation
EBarcodeTypeRecognized barcode type (symbology)
EBooleanBoolean value
EBorderExtractAlgorithmBorder Extraction algorithm
EBorderExtractFlagsBorder Extraction flags
ECleanNoiseFlagsCleanNoiseExt flags
EFileFormatImage file format
EImageAlignmentAlignment of image on a page
EInfoTypeServer information type
ELineCurvatureLimit on line curvature
ELineDirectionLine direction
EMorphDirectionsDirection to fatten or trim image
EPageOrientationPage orientation
EPageRotationPage rotation
EPageSizePage size
EPdfRasterColorModeRasterization color selection
EPdfReadModePdf page reading mode selection
EScaleBmpTypeType of image-to-bitmap scale down
EScaleTypeType of image to image scale down
ESizeUnitAlignment of image on a page
ESmoothTypeType of smoothing
FBarcodeDiagBarcode recognition control flags
FBarcodeDirectionsBarcode search direction
FBarcodeErrorsRecognized barcode errors
FBarcodeTypeBarcode type (symbology) to find
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