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Inlite.ClearImage Namespace
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This Namespace mirrors the  ClearImage COM API, to facilitate easy porting of existing COM and Interop applications. 


ClassCiBarcode Barcode information object
ClassCiBarcodeBasic 1D barcodes recognition object (Basic)
ClassCiBarcodePro 1D barcodes recognition object (Pro)
ClassCiDataMatrix DataMatrix barcodes recognition object
ClassCiImage Image object
ClassCiLine Line information object
ClassCiObject Object information object An Object is a portion of the image comprised of adjacent connected pixels.
ClassCiPdf Pdf Read/Write configuration Class
ClassCiPdf417 PDF417 barcodes recognition object
ClassCiPoint Point-on-image object
ClassCiQR QR barcodes recognition object
ClassCiRect Rectangle on image object
ClassCiRepair Image repair object

Automatic image correction functions: deskew, rotation, crop, etc. Improves OCR, image compression, and image visual quality.

ClassCiServer ClearImage COM root object
ClassCiTools Image tools object

Image analysis function to implement form-processing and specialized imaging applications.


EnumerationEBarcodeAlgorithm Barcode recognition algorithm
EnumerationEBarcodeEncoding Encoding or compression of barcode data
EnumerationEBarcodeRotation Barcode rotation
EnumerationEBarcodeType Recognized barcode type (symbology)
EnumerationEBorderExtractAlgorithm Border Extraction algorithm
EnumerationEBorderExtractFlags Border Extraction flags
EnumerationECleanNoiseFlags CleanNoiseExt flags
EnumerationEFileFormat Image file format
EnumerationEImageAlignment Alignment of image on a page
EnumerationEInfoType Server information type
EnumerationELineCurvature Limit on line curvature
EnumerationELineDirection Line direction
EnumerationEMorphDirections Direction to fatten or trim image
EnumerationEPageOrientation Page orientation
EnumerationEPageRotation Page rotation
EnumerationEPageSize Page size
EnumerationEPdfRasterColorMode Rasterization color selection
EnumerationEPdfReadMode Pdf page reading mode selection
EnumerationEScaleType Type of image to image scale down
EnumerationESizeUnit Alignment of image on a page
EnumerationESmoothType Type of smoothing
EnumerationFBarcodeDiag Barcode recognition control flags
EnumerationFBarcodeDirections Barcode search direction
EnumerationFBarcodeErrors Recognized barcode errors
EnumerationFBarcodeType Barcode type (symbology) to find

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