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Inlite.ClearImageNet Namespace
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Higher level API namespace using .NET - specific capabilities.


ClassBarcode Holds information about barcode
ClassBarcodeFoundEventArgs Event arguments used by BarcodeReader.BarcodeFoundEventHandler
ClassBarcodeReader Reads barcode values and properties
ClassClearImageException Exception from ClearImageNet class library
ClassEditPageEventArgs Event arguments used by ImageEditor.EditPageEventHandler
ClassImageEditor Modifies and analyzes Bitmap image
ClassImageInfo Holds information about image and page in the image
ClassImageIO Opens, saves, gets information from file-based images
ClassImageLine Holds information about image line
ClassImageObject Holds information about image object
ClassImageOpenedEventArgs Event arguments used by BarcodeReader.ImageOpenedEventHandler
ClassLicModule Holds information about the module and license status
ClassLineFoundEventArgs Event arguments used by ImageEditor.LineFoundEventHandler
ClassObjectFoundEventArgs Event arguments used by ImageEditor.ObjectFoundEventHandler
ClassServer Provides information about ClearImage Server


DelegateBarcodeReader.BarcodeFoundEventHandler Handles BarcodeFound events.
DelegateBarcodeReader.ImageOpenedEventHandler Handles ImageOpened events.
DelegateImageEditor.EditPageEventHandler Handles EditPage events.
DelegateImageEditor.LineFoundEventHandler Handles LineFound events.
DelegateImageEditor.ObjectFoundEventHandler Handles ObjectFound events.


EnumerationBarcodeDecoding Identifies barcode decoding type
EnumerationBarcodeRotation Identifies barcode's direction of rotation in respect to an image
EnumerationBarcodeType Identifies barcode's type (symbology)
EnumerationBorderExtractMode Sets actions for ImageEditor.BorderExtract method
EnumerationCleanNoiseFlags Sets flags for extended CleanNoise
EnumerationComprBitonal Identifies compression of saved bi-tonal (BW)images inside fo TIFF or PDF
EnumerationComprColor Identifies compression of saved color and grayscale images inside fo TIFF or PDF
EnumerationImageFileFormat Identifies image file format returned
EnumerationLineCurvature Sets criteria for line identification and/or processing
EnumerationLineDirection Sets directions of lines for line identification and/or processing
EnumerationMorphDirections Sets directions for ImageEditor.Fatten and ImageEditor.Trim methods
EnumerationPageCompression Identifies compression of the page in the image file
EnumerationPageRotation Identifies page rotation based on text or graphics
EnumerationPdfRasterMode Pdf Rasterization color selection
EnumerationPdfReadMode Pdf page reading mode selection

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