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ImageEditor Class Properties
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Inlite.ClearImageNet Namespace : ImageEditor Class

For a list of all members of this type, see ImageEditor members.

Public Properties

public PropertyBitmap Sets Bitmap for editing. Gets results of editing  
public PropertyBitmapZoneGets results of editing. If Zone is set corresponding portion of the image.  
public PropertyBitsPerPixel Gets image bits-per-pixel  
public PropertyHeight Gets image height in pixels  
public PropertyHorizontalHistogramGets number of black pixels in each column  
public PropertyHorizontalResolution Gets/Sets horizontal resolution in dots-per-inch(DPI)  
public PropertyImage Get CiImage object associated with ImageEditor  
public PropertyIsValid Checks is valid Bitmap has been assigned  
public PropertylineCurvatureMaximum line curvature for line identification (default medium)  
public PropertylineMaxAngleMaximum line angle in degrees for line identification (default 5.0)  
public PropertylineMaxGapMaximum gap size in pixel for line identification (default 3)  
public PropertylineMinLengthMinimum length in pixel for line identification (default 100)  
public PropertyPixelsGets number of black pixels  
public PropertyPixelsAreaGets image rectangle encompassing all image pixels  
public PropertyRotation Gets image rotation information  
public PropertyRotationConfidenceGets confidence level of the last Rotation measurement  
public PropertySkewAngleGets image skew angle in degrees  
public PropertySkewAngleConfidenceGets confidence level of the last SkewAngle measurement  
public PropertyVerticalHistogramGets number of black pixels in each row  
public PropertyVerticalResolution Gets/Sets vertical resolution in dots-per-inch(DPI)  
public PropertyWidth Gets image width in pixels  
public PropertyZone Limits image modification or analysis to a rectangular area on an image  

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