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ImageEditor Class Methods
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Inlite.ClearImageNet Namespace : ImageEditor Class

For a list of all members of this type, see ImageEditor members.

Public Methods

public MethodAdvancedBinarizeOverloaded.  Converts color or grayscale image to bi-tonal  
public MethodAndBitmapOverloaded. AND the working image with the specified Bitmap image  
public MethodAutoCrop Sets white margins of fixed size around image  
public MethodAutoDeskew Deskews image automatically based on the measured alignment of the image contents  
public MethodAutoInvert Converts negative(white-on-black) to positive(black-on-white)  
public MethodAutoRegister Sets top and left image margins  
public MethodAutoRotate Rotates image to right-side-up orientation  
public MethodBorderExtract Removes black borders to extract document portion of an image  
public MethodCleanNoiseOverloaded.  Removes black noise  
public MethodClear Sets image pixels to white  
public MethodClearBackground Sets background of color or grayscale image to white  
public MethodCopy Copies image from another ImageEditor object  
public MethodCropOverloaded.  Crops image to specified rectangular area  
public MethodDeleteLines Deletes image lines  
public MethodDeleteLinesAndRepair Deletes image lines. Restores characters intersected by deleted lines.  
public MethodEditOverloaded. Edit file pages in ImageEditor.EditPageEventHandler  
public MethodFatten Extends black area of image objects  
public MethodFaxRemoveHeader Removes header from faxed image  
public MethodFaxStandardToFine Converts standard resolution fax image to fine resolution  
public MethodGetLinesObtains list of image lines  
public MethodGetObjectsObtains list of image objects  
public MethodInvert Sets image pixels to the opposite value  
public MethodIsBlankImage Checks if image is blank  
public MethodOrBitmapOverloaded. OR the working image with the specified Bitmap image  
public MethodPasteBitmapOverloaded. Paste Bitmap image to this image  
public MethodReconstructLines Replaces image lines with synthesized lines of similar thickness.  
public MethodRemoveHalftone Remove halftone pattern  
public MethodRemovePunchHoles Remove punchholes pattern from all sides  
public MethodRotateFlip Rotates image in specified direction  
public MethodScaleOverloaded. Scales image  
public MethodSkewSkews image  
public MethodSmoothCharacters Remove single pixel irregularities around object edges.  
public MethodToBitonal Converts image to bi-tonal  
public MethodToGrayscale Converts image to grayscale  
public MethodTrim Reduces black area of image objects  
public MethodXorBitmapOverloaded. XOR the working image with the specified Bitmap image  

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