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CiTools Class Members
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Inlite.ClearImage Namespace : CiTools Class

The following tables list the members exposed by CiTools.

Public Properties

public PropertyImageImage as CiImage object  
public PropertypLineCurvatureMaximum line curvature  
public PropertypLineDirectionLine direction(s)  
public PropertypMaxLineAngleMaximum angle of line  
public PropertypMaxLineGapMaximum gap inside line in pixels  
public PropertypMinLineLengthMinimum length of line in pixels  
public PropertyrConfidenceImage rotation and skew confidence  

Public Methods

public MethodAndImageLogical AND with another image  
public MethodCountPixelsCount image pixels  
public MethodExtractObjectExtract an object into new image  
public MethodFattenFatten image  
public MethodFirstLineFind first line  
public MethodFirstObjectFind first object  
public MethodMeasureHorzHistogramMeasure horizontal histogram  
public MethodMeasureMarginsMeasure image margins  
public MethodMeasureRotationMeasure image rotation  
public MethodMeasureSkewMeasure image skew  
public MethodMeasureVertHistogramMeasure vertical histogram  
public MethodNextLineFind another line  
public MethodNextObjectFind another object  
public MethodOrImageLogical OR with another image  
public MethodPasteImagePaste another image  
public MethodScaleImageScale image  
public MethodSkeletonTrim image  
public MethodSkewSkew image  
public MethodTrimTrim image  
public MethodXorImageLogical XOR with another image  

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