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CiServer Class Members
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Inlite.ClearImage Namespace : CiServer Class

The following tables list the members exposed by CiServer.

Public Properties

public PropertyVerMajorMajor version number  
public PropertyVerMinorMinor version number  
public PropertyVerReleaseRelease number  

Public Methods

public MethodCreateAdvColorCreate new CiDataMatrix object  
public MethodCreateBarcodeCreate new CiDataMatrix object  
public MethodCreateBarcodeBasicCreate new CiBarcodeBasic object  
public MethodCreateBarcodeProCreate new CiBarcodePro object  
public MethodCreateBarcodesCreate new CiDataMatrix object  
public MethodCreateDataMatrixCreate new CiDataMatrix object  
public MethodCreateImageCreate new CiImage object  
public MethodCreatePdf417Create new CiPdf417 object  
public MethodCreateQRCreate new CiQR object  
public MethodCreateRectCreate new CiRect object  
public MethodCreateRepairCreate new CiRepair object  
public MethodCreateToolsCreate new CiTools object  
public Methodget_Info  
public MethodOpenExtOpen ClearImage COM License  

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