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CiRepair Class Members
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Inlite.ClearImage Namespace : CiRepair Class

The following tables list the members exposed by CiRepair.

Public Properties

public PropertyImageImage as CiImage object  
public PropertypLineCurvatureMaximum line curvature  
public PropertypMaxLineAngleMaximum angle of line  
public PropertypMaxLineGapMaximum gap inside line in pixels  
public PropertypMinLineLengthMinimum length of line in pixels  

Public Methods

public MethodAdvancedBinarizeAdvanced Binarize  
public MethodAutoCropSet image margins  
public MethodAutoDeskewAutomatically deskew image  
public MethodAutoInvertImageNegative to Positive  
public MethodAutoRegisterSet top and left margins  
public MethodAutoRotateAutomatically rotate image  
public MethodBorderExtractExtract document image using borders  
public MethodCleanNoiseRemove noise objects  
public MethodCleanNoiseExtRemove noise objects (extended)  
public MethodClearBackgroundSet background to white  
public MethodDeleteLinesDelete lines and reconnect intersected objects  
public MethodFaxRemoveBlankLinesRemove blank lines from faxed image  
public MethodFaxRemoveHeaderRemove header from faxed image  
public MethodFaxStandardToFineConvert standard resolution fax image to fine resolution  
public MethodIsBlankImageIs image blank  
public MethodReconstructLinesFind and straighten image lines  
public MethodRemoveHalftoneRemove halftone from image background  
public MethodRemovePunchHolesRemove punch holes form image  
public MethodResizeResize image to page  
public MethodSmoothCharactersSmoothen character edges  

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