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CiPdf Class Members
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Inlite.ClearImage Namespace : CiPdf Class

The following tables list the members exposed by CiPdf.

Public Properties

public PropertyAuthorproperty Author  
public PropertyCreationDateproperty CreationDate  
public PropertyCreatorproperty Creator  
public PropertydpiRasterBwDPI used to rasterize as BW  
public PropertydpiRasterGsDPI used to rasterize as GS  
public PropertydpiRasterRgbDPI used to rasterize as Color  
public PropertyKeywordsproperty Keywords  
public PropertyminImageHeightMinimum height of embeded images  
public PropertyminImageWidthMinimum width of embeded images  
public PropertyModDateproperty ModDate  
public PropertyProducerproperty Producer  
public PropertyrasterColorModeRasterize as BW, GS or Color  
public PropertyreadModeOpen embeded images or rasterized pages  
public PropertySubjectproperty Subject  
public PropertyTitleproperty Title  
public PropertyuseMinImageColorsMinimize color of embeded images  

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