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CiImage Class Members
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Inlite.ClearImage Namespace : CiImage Class

The following tables list the members exposed by CiImage.

Public Properties

public PropertyBitsPerPixelNumber of bits to store each pixel  
public PropertyFileNameImage file name  
public PropertyFormatImage file format  
public PropertyHeightImage height in pixels  
public PropertyHorzDpiHorizontal resolution in dots-per-inch  
public PropertyIsModifiedImage was modified flag  
public PropertyIsValidImage is opened  
public PropertyIsZoneObject represents a zone on another image  
public PropertyJpegQualityQuality of Jpeg Compression 0-100  
public PropertyLineBytesImage memory line width in bytes  
public PropertyPageCountNumber of pages in image file  
public PropertyPageNumberImage page number in image file  
public PropertyParentObject containing image memory of this object  
public PropertypComprBitonalTIFF/PDF Compression to save Bitonal image  
public PropertypComprColorTIFF/PDF Compression to save Color/GS image  
public PropertyPdfproperty Pdf  
public PropertyVertDpiVertical resolution in dots-per-inch  
public PropertyWidthImage width in pixels  
public PropertyZoneCurrent zone coordinates  

Public Methods

public MethodAppendAppend image to file  
public MethodClearSet all pixels to white  
public MethodCloseClose image  
public MethodCopyCopy image to another image  
public MethodCopyToClipboardCopy image to clipboard  
public MethodCreateCreate a Bitonal image  
public MethodCreateBppCreate an image (bpp = 1, 8, 24)  
public MethodCreateZoneCreate new Zone within image  
public MethodCreateZoneRectCreate new Zone within image  
public MethodCropCrop rectangle  
public MethodDuplicateCreate a duplicate of this CiImage object  
public MethodFlipRotate image upside down  
public MethodFlipHorzFlip image around horizontal axis  
public MethodFlipVertFlip image around vertical axis  
public MethodGetBitmapConvert CiImage object to .NET Bitmap object.  
public MethodInvertInvert image pixels  
public MethodOpenOverloaded. Open image from Stream object using specified page.  
public MethodOpenFromBitmapCreate image from Windows Bitmap  
public MethodOpenFromClipboardCreate image from Clipboard  
public MethodOpenPage  
public MethodRotateLeftRotate image to the left  
public MethodRotateRightRotate image to the right  
public MethodSaveSave image into its image file  
public MethodSaveAsSave image in new file  
public MethodSaveToStreamSave image to a Stream object.  
public MethodToBitonalmethod ToBitonal  
public MethodToGrayscalemethod ToGrayscale  

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