Visual Barcode Designer Error Messages

Errors displayed in the Results Panel when barcode generation fails.




Width and/or height are too small

The area defined by you is insufficient to hold the barcode you configured.  Increase the area height or width.   

Insufficient Symbol Capacity

The amount and/or the content of data in Data Panel cannot be encoded into the largest symbol of your selected symbology.



  1. Reduce amount of data or

  2. Break the data into more than one symbol, and encode them separately

  3. If you are using 1D barcodes, switch to PDF417 or DataMatrix

  4. If using PDF417 try using DataMatrix

  5. Use Compression (for PDF417 and DataMatrix)

Empty Barcode Data

No data specified in  Data Panel

Un-encodable Data for specified Symbology

The string you entered in the Data Panel contains binary data (above 0x127),  which cannot be encoded in the 1D symbology.



  1. Examine the data string and remove the offending characters, or

  2. Change to a 2D symbology


pencil.gifNOTE:  If you encounter any other error messages, contact Inlite Support