Adding Barcodes to Web Pages with ASP.NET

The following projects demonstrate how to add variable barcodes to a Web page with the Barcodes For Documents (BFD) .NET Engine.   Although the sample project is written in C#, any other language that employs the .NET API for ASP.NET server side development can be used.


Web Site project - Barcode save in a file

This project demonstrates the easiest way to generate Web pages with barcode.


In order to respond to multiple requests, a random file name should be generated.   Eventually the file system should be cleaned up to get rid of the accumulated barcode images.  Using a file to pass the barcode image to Image control is simple, but less efficient.  The sample below demonstrates a more efficient approach.


Web Site project - Barcode passed through in a file

This project demonstrates more efficient way to pass barcode image to Image control on Web page.  The barcode image is streamed directly to Response.OutputStream.