How to Recognize Barcodes in Multiple Documents

The companion product to Barcodes For Documents for batch automation is iRondo Imaging Station (iRondoIS)  

iRondoIS is a Windows application for barcode recognition as a batch process.   User interface is optimize for easy-to-use setup.   iRondo is optimized for high performance production operations.

Barcode Reading

Reads barcodes and store barcode values in CSV file.



Barcode renaming

Reads barcodes and renames each page of the documents with barcode value.



Barcode grouping

Reads cover page barcodes and creates multi-page TIFF or PDF files named by the barcode value, containing all the document pages



Supported formats

iRondoIS supports images stored in single- and multi-page TIFF or PDF formats.  


To learn more about iRondoIS  visit  Web Site.