Barcode For Documents .NET Engine

The .NET API is implemented in BarcodesForDocuments.NF.dll, which is installed in the  C:\Program Files\Inlite\Assemblies directory.   


Creating Barcode Image

1. Add a reference to BarcodeForDocuments.NF from the .NET tab of the Add References dialog box.


2. Create a barcode

The following code demonstrates the use of the .NET API in C#.  A similar sequence should be used in any other language:

using Inlite.BarcodeGenerator;


Barcode bcGen = new Barcode();

bcGen.Configure (config);

Bitmap bmp = bcGen.CreateBarcode(data);

config is the configuration string, obtained from VBD
is a string with the data to be placed in barcode


Using Barcode Image

Save barcode image to file use .NET Bitmap.Save method :



Copy barcode image to Clipboard:


pencil.gif TIP:    The .NET function, Clipboard.SetData(bmp), does not save the bitmap resolution, which is essential for the accurate representation of the pasted barcode image.


Paint bitmap using Graphics object:

rectImage, new RectangleF(0,0, bmp.Width, bmp.Height),



Convert to WordML string:

txtWordML =
titleText, altText)