Barcode For Documents COM Engine

The COM API is implemented in BarcodesForDocumentsCOM.NF.dll, which is installed in C:\Program Files\Inlite\Assemblies directory.    

Creating Barcode Image

1. Add reference to Barcode For Documents COM to your project.   

2. Create barcode

The following code demonstrates the use of the COM API in VB6.  A similar sequence should be used in any other language:

Dim bcGen As Barcode

Set bcGen = New Barcode

bcGen.Configure config

Dim bcImage As BarcodeImage

Set bcImage = bcGen.CreateBarcode(data)

config is the configuration string obtained from VBD
is a string with the data to be placed in the barcode


Using Barcode Image

Save barcode image to file:

bcImage.SaveAs fileName

fileName extension defines format:

*.tif saved in TIFF Group IV format
*.bmp saved in Windows Bitmap format
*.pcx saved in PCX format


Copy barcode image to Clipboard:



Convert to Windows Bitmap object:

bmp = bcImage.SaveToHBitmap

bmp object should be deleted after use with Windows DeleteObject(bmp) call


Convert to WordML string:

txtWordML = bcImage.GetWordML(titleText, altText)


Rotate barcode image: