Barcodes For Documents  (BFD) Runtime  Engines Overview

BFD Engines are a set of software components to create and use barcodes within user applications.  The BFD Engines contain two independent components: a .NET Assembly and a COM Object.   Use of both components involves the same basic steps.   

  1. Use Visual Barcode Designer to create barcode design  for your business process.

  2. Open your development environment or open sample project from Developer menu of VBD

  3. Add reference to Barcodes For Documents component

  4. Create Barcode object

  5. Call Barcode.Configure(config) method with configuration string from VBD as parameter

  6. Obtain barcode image with  Barcode.CreateBarcode(data) method

  7. Use barcode image. For example save to file, put onto document, etc.