Inlite Licensing  Overview


Production utilization of the purchased Inlite products requires that the license be registered on the production system. The Licensing Tab of the Inlite Control Center (ICC) provides the user interface to manage registered licenses.

Following the purchase of a license, Inlite e-mails the certificate.  The registration of a certificate activates the license on and binds it to the target computer.  The product license can be transferred easily from one computer to another.

ICC communicates with the Inlite Registration Server over the Internet using HTTP (port 80) protocol.  This the same mechanism which is used by Internet Explorer.  

If the computer is not connected to the internet or if HTTP port 80 access is blocked by a firewall, offline registration is necessary via the Registration Site

Product Groups

Inlite's offers several product lines (e.g. ClearImage SDK, Barcode Director application, etc.)  An installer for a product line adds an item to the Product Group list in Inlite Control Panel.  

To perform any licensing operation, please first select the desired item from the Product Group list.

Note:  You should first install the ClearImage PDK, before attempting to register any products from ClearImage group. The ICC will not register a license when only the ClearImage SDK is installed.
A version of the ClearImage PDK should be activated  in order to make use of a registered products from ClearImage group to be in effect.

License Hosts

Purchased licenses can be registered (hosted) on either the:

The Licenses Hosted On control in the Licensing tab, displays the target computer and the serial numbers of any license dongles plugged into a USB port.  

Before any licensing operations, select the desired host from the Licenses Hosted On list.

Double Registration prevention

Licensing system does not allow to register a second license for the same product OR if the functionality of the product is already available in other Registered Products.