Inlite Licensing Glossary

Inlite Control Center
The windows application which manages the licenses and versions of Inlite Software on the computer on which it executes
Registration Server
The Web-based server that manages the purchase, registration and transfer of licenses
Registration Site
The Web site that executes the off-line registration process, located at:
A 32 characters string (might include dashes for easy reading e.g. D524-476B-0628-4EE8-3801-6F43-B588-05B2)  issued to the user upon the purchase of a product (purchase certificate) or after transfer of a product license (transfer certificate).   The certificate is required to register the product on a computer.  Certificates have a unit counter such that the purchaser of multiple units will receive a single certificate to register multiple units of the license using the single certificate value.
Evaluation License
A license file that enables the use of Inlite products during the evaluation period. 
An authorization to use product on a single computer to which it is bound
Registered Product

Inlite's product that has a license to operate on the computer.   

The process of ordering and Inlite product.   The result of a purchase is that the user is e-mailed a certificate to register product on one or more computers. 
The process of activation license for a product on a single computer using a certificate. The Registration Server records the license associated with a computer.
The Process of moving a product license from one computer to another through Registration Server.
The Process of synchronizing a particular computer with its authoritative records in the Registration Server.

Online Registration
The Real time registration of a license on a computer with Internet access. 
Offline Registration
The registration procedure for a computer without access to the internet using Request and Response LAR files 
Request LAR File
A file generated by the Inlite Control Center to be passed to the Registration Server during offline registration 
Response LAR File
A file generated by the Registration Server to be passed to the Inlite Control Center during offline registration