ClearCleck21 MICR Reader
CcMicr Object Members
Public Properties
Account sub-field information
Amount field information
Auxilary OnUs field information
Check Number sub-field information

Document property is initialized by ExtractCheck method to describe geometrical position of extracted chack document on the original image.  Only the following properties are set:  Left, Top, Right, Bottom, Skew, Conf.

Conf property values identify rotation of a check document within original image as following:
1 - No rotation
2 - Check rotated upside down
3 - Check rotated left
4 - Check rotated right    

Document Type Name (IRD, Busienss Check, Personal Check etc.)
DPI based on MICR character size
DPI based on MICR characters size (unadjusted)
EPC field information
MICR line information
OnUs field information
Routing field information
Routing Checksum field information
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CcMicr Object