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ClearCheck21 MICR Reader is a versatile COM component for:

A simple yet comprehensive API reads and interprets the values of one or more E13B MICR lines.  The MICR values can be read from:

The MICR line fields are available in raw format, as well as parsed and interpreted according to ABA rules described in ANSI X9.100-160-1:2004 (formerly X9.13).   The ABA fields include:  Routing, Routing Checksum, EPC, Amount, OnUs, and Auxiliary OnUs.  The Check Number and Account number fields are obtained according to common usage convention.  Each field value is available in ANSI X9.37 and  X9.100-186-2008 format or in raw format, as well as ABA compliance flag, confidence level, coordinates and skew angle.  Since complete MICR line value is available, parsing for non-ABA compliant documents can be implemented by developers.  

The Check extraction method obtains the image of a check and reads the MICR values no matter what  type of scanner was used: a check scanner, page scanner, sheet feed scanner, production or departmental document scanner.   To simplify remittance process, check can be scanned still attached to the remittance advice.  This method will separate out check image under any condition.  The check image will be automatically rotated to correct orientation, deskewed and clipped to the size appropriate for document type: IRD, commercial check or personal check.

ClearCheck21 MICR Reader works in conjunction of Inlite's ClearImage COM.   The rich file I/O capabilities of ClearImage allow to process check image stored in any of the formats: TIFF, JPEG, PDF.   The ClearImage COM family includes image processing and barcode recognition products to facilitate implementation of additional check-related functionalities, such as security feature recognition or image Quality Assurance.  Contact Inlite Research at is you have any questions.