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The ClearImage 8 continues Inlite's tradition of innovation in Image Processing and Barcode Recognition engines.  Since 1992 ClearImage automated thousands of installations around the world.

ClearImage COM

ClearImage COM provides the core functionality as set of 32-bit and 64-bit modules.  The COM architecture and easy-to-integrate API provide a path for development of imaging applications in VB6, C++, Java, Delphi, PHP, etc.

ClearImageNet Assembly

ClearImageNet provides a .NET managed API around core ClearImage engines. 
Supporting AnyCPU configuration it defines two main namespaces:

ClearImage Development

ClearImage SDK is the primary tool for creating ClearImage-based applications.  Use the ClearImage Demo Application to evaluate and select functions and strategy without code development.   Use ClearImage source code examples as the starting point for development of your application.

ClearImage Production Deployment

ClearImage runtime components for production purposes are installed by ClearImage PDK.  ClearImage engines are licensed by the purchase and registration of  ClearImage Products licenses. 

ClearImage Products implement logical groups of API functions for typical use, for example image processing or barcode recognition.  Available products are listed on Inlite Web Site.  Contact Inlite Sales if you are not sure which product licenses you need.

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