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ClearImage SDK

ClearImage SDK (Software Development Kit) is the primary tool for development of applications based on the ClearImage API.  You can always obtain the latest version of the SDK from Inlite Web Site for free, and no license is required to use the SDK.  ClearImage SDK requires Windows XP or latter version and .NET Framework 2.0 (Download the .NET Framework 2.0 from Microsoft Website )

ClearImage SDK is installed in Program File's Inlite\ClearImage 8 SDK folder.   Links to major elements of the SDK  are available from the Start menu -> Programs -> ClearImage 8 SDK and include:

Operational mode.  ClearImage SDK can be used without a production license.

For 60 days after ClearImage SDK is installed on the system SDK operates in Evaluation mode.  All functionality of ClearImage products is available without limitation.  NOTE: the 60 days Evaluation period starts upon the installation of either the ClearImage PDK or SDK.  

After 60 days Development mode is activated.   All functionality of ClearImage products remains available, with only this limitation:  ClearImage periodically displays a dialog box that require user interaction.  This mode cannot be used for unattended operations and operation that do not have User Interface (e.g. Windows Service)

Production mode  is activated upon installation of ClearImage PDK and registering one or more ClearImage product's licenses.  Call to methods implemented in un-licensed products generate a run-time exception.

ClearImage Demo never requires a licensed and is always fully functional.  

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