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ClearImage reads and writes files in the most popular Bitonal, Color and Grayscale formats including TIFF, BMP, PDF, and JPEG, and many others.

TIFF and PDF multi-page image files are supported. Some formats are supported only for reading.

PDF files are imported in ClearImage in one of two ways:

Some formats employ lossy compression that will modify a saved image. In the case of JPEG, the compression ratio is controlled by JpegQuality parameter.

Not all formats support the entire range of CiImage.BitsPerPixel (BPP) values. On output, if such a mismatch occurs, the image is converted to the nearest supported BPP value prior to writing out the file. For example, a Bitonal image will be converted to Grayscale prior to being saved as a JPEG formatted file. The resulting image will show JPEG blocking effects, and will look different than the original Bitonal image.

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